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Our Customers

our customersThe success and satisfaction of our customers is our best tool for promotion and growth, enabling us to reach a prominent and respected position nationally and internationally.

Working with us is a very positive experience. We consume as little time as possible to our customers so that they can dedicate to add value to their work.

Our dedication and service to our customer accomplish that they continue to rely on us year after year, which fills us with pride and moves us to offer the best service of laboratory and advisory in the market.


Companies that rely on Allium Laboratum:

  • La Española Alimentaria, S.A. - olives

La Española confident in our services since 2005, garnishing in Seville-style facilities and conducting area checks in your processing and packaging plant in Aznalcazar, Sevilla
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Control of finished product and raw material quality.

  • Cooperativa Virgen del Loreto - Umbrete - table olives

Since 2000 we have been developing advisory work, cooking and fermentation analysis of the courtyard of this iconic company in the sector. In 2008 move to new premises in the center of the Aljarafe.

  • Aquaman, SL - Engineering applied to water purification

In 2007 an agreement was signed with Aquaman. Since then manage in our laboratory, the samples generated by treatment plants installed and maintained.
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